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About Tc3 Mobile

Tc3 Mobile is a value added, data service provider for the mobile industry. Its combined experience in the marketing, communications and telecom industries allow it to create added value, vertically integrated, turn key, mobile media solutions. Headquartered in Switzerland and with operations in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, UAE, UK and the USA, Tc3 is constantly looking to expand its Service Delivery Network.

Tc3 Mobile

Technology & Products

Tc3's technology platform can deliver mobile data solutions that seamlessly integrate previously separate service offerings. Its core ability is to integrate Billing, Content Delivery, Content Management, CRM, Messaging and Mobile Internet. The platform is fully commercially operational and has been developed over the past 15 years. During this time it has evolved to include VOIP, IVR, tracking and GIS.

With an expert knowledge of technical infrastructure, Tc3 has been able to create a product suite that creates a mobile 'eco-system' that is agnostic of any one network operator, financial institution or handset operating system. Our products cover the areas of mobile payments and banking, fan-based marketing, lotteries/raffles, content aggregation and supply.

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Switzerland Headquarters
Phone: +41 41 660 8488
Fax: +41 41 660 8481

Kernsersstrasse 31 • 6061 Sarnen

Other Locations
Kenya • Nigeria • South Africa
United Kingdom • United States of America